With all these different kinds of coins to choose from, it may be difficult for you to decide where to begin collecting. However, you will almost certainly be able to make an ‘all sorts’ collection.

First, ask all your relatives and friends if they have any coins, which they might give you.

Next, read as much as possible on the subject, talk to other collectors, visit coin exhibitions, and get to know a dealer through whom you can buy your coins.

There are coin dealers in most large cities. Although there are many books in coin collecting, you, as a beginner, will probably be most interested in catalogues

Which describe the coins and say how much they worth,

Eventually you may wish to specialize; you might choose coins from a particular part of the world, for example or keep coins whose history you know.

You will find that most collectors specialize in Greek, Roman, British, Medieval (including foreign) or Modern (including foreign) coins. You might prefer to collect Oriental coins.

Some of them have very interesting shapes.

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